Atlanta Real Estate Sellers

Intown Atlanta neighborhoods are very special. Living here is much like being in a small town, with all the advantages the big city has to offer. For example:


The knowledge that your neighbors know you and care about you…the sharing of funny stories and pot luck suppers…baby-sitting co-ops and book clubs…gourmet dinners and street festivals…zoning battles and art shows.


The young couple next door and the little old lady down the street…paleo-hippies and neo-hippies…attorneys, poets, political activists, engineers, potters, doctors, waiters, teachers and carpenters…our neighbors are varied in age, occupation, interests and ethnicity. And they are never, ever boring!


MARTA takes you just about anywhere…the airport is a twenty minute ride…expressways are close by…walk to theatres, restaurants, shopping and schools…parks and paths, renowned universities, major league sports, the symphony, ballet, museums and opera…And you can spend yout time enjoying them instead of sitting in traffic.
Each intown neighborhood has its own personality. Many factors enter into where you purchase your home — cost of housing, schools, taxes, walkability – but purchasing somewhere that just “feels right” is a worthwhile goal. If you are undecided about where you’d like to live, you might want to browse through the following websites to get a sense of what it might be like to live there.